Electric Rock Rehearsal Room in Queens

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A dank rock 'n' roll basement of yesteryear. Bring the punk or heavy metal band and create some CBGB vibes in the one place still possible - QUEENS! Home of the Ramones .. Because lord knows all the rockers have been priced out of the Lower East Side. The space features several amps and a basic drum set .. Just bring instruments and hardware and prepare to ROCK!


  Drum Set, Guitar Amplifier, Bass Amplifier
  27.87 m 2
  15 ppl

Cancellation Policy: 72 hrs

If the booking is cancelled 72 hours (or longer) before the time of booking the full amount will be refunded to your card. If it is cancelled inside the {{room.cancellation_policy}} hours, then no refund will be given.


Treat our space and gear like you would your own - That is all!


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placeNew York

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