Delight Your Ears

It's day 3 of the countdown to our re-opening, and today we're featuring our favorite spaces for your ears! These rehearsal spaces go easy on the eyes too...

It's no easy feat to find a rehearsal room with excellent acoustics as well as a high-quality instrument and ample enough space. Whether you're looking to host a private concert or have the added bonus of a recording studio, here are some excellent options to get you motivated and inspired to practice and make music. 

Steinway "Patent Grand" from 1910

Every musician knows the freeing feeling of practicing in a big hall verses a small stuffy room. Sometimes you just sound better...or.. all the time. A beautiful concert hall with tonnes of natural daylight, this space in Innsbruck, Austria, has an excellent acoustic sound, and the chairs are perfect if you want to host your own private concert. 

Professional Recording Studio with Bösendorfer Piano

With high ceilings, natural daylight, and state of the art acoustics, the Studio A can accommodate anything from string ensembles to a full-blown rock band.  Experience rehearsing and practicing in the same room where professional musicians record their music to be produced. This room is professionally soundproofed and contains a Bösendorfer Grand Piano,  E-Piano, Stage Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar Amplifier, and Loop Machine. The option to hire the recording studio is a given!

Bösendorfer Hall at Mozarthaus Vienna

Practice Mozart in the place where he himself wrote and performed world-famous compositions. W.A. Mozart's residence from 1784 to 1787, the building is located in Vienna's Old Town, not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral. This stunningly historical space is 97.0 m 2 and can accommodate up to 70 people. 

Give your ears a treat! 

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